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AMG. has a large, experienced underwriting staff whose sole purpose is to evaluate loan projects quickly and efficiently. We understand that time is essential for most loan submissions, so we have tailored our business to meet these needs.

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Al- Muharraq Group Ltd (AMG)

Al- Muharraq Group Ltd (AMG) is a financier group, providing a comprehensive project funding solutions.

AMG has distinguished itself by providing expert access to the most advanced financing products and source unique funding solutions through major banks and capital markets providing funding for challenging situations. Al- Muharraq Group Ltd maintains close associations with chief international Capital Market hubs where we source funding for large valued projects.

Our concepts utilize the vast array of major banks and multiple international financial institutions for international project funding. We maintain close strategic associations with capital market groups locally, Dubai, Qatar and banks in London, Singapore, Frankfurt, Zurich, China, France, Spain Geneva and Hong Kong.

We assist governments and large corporations for consulting, management and the financing of major development projects

Al- Muharraq Group Ltd accepts varies Types of project which including

CRITERIA: Generally, our clients have projects valued at over $100 million. We work with major corporations and governments, where security is covered by acceptable guarantees or undertakings, or bank guarantees from an acceptable major bank.

Large Government Projects 

Large Industrial Projects

Commercial Buildings

Education – Universities

Agricultural Projects

Hospitals, Medical Science,


What Advantage do I get with AMG

100% financing – no hidden processing fees

Flexibility in financing from $1,000,000 to $500,000,000 projects

100% financing – no hidden processing fees

Capacity to approve all credit levels from "A – D" and can structure the harder credits to get their projects financed

In-house credit department with extensive underwriting experience ready to quickly review your finance request

Worldwide network of funding sources allowing us to approve your request when other lenders cannot

Ability to work with private, public and non-profit groups

Superior personal service; you can reach us 7 days a week by email and speak directly with us during business hours.

Al- Muharraq Group Ltd has helped many of our clients finance our equipment very quickly and easily. Mr. Ahmed handles the process from start to finish so we never worry about any of the details – he just gets the job done! Thanks again for all your support!

John Hubacz – CEO ZN Technologies

AMG and I have done business for many years and helped me close numerous projects to help my clients get the funding they needed to keep expanding their business. AMG is able to finance projects which most banks will not touch. I look forward to keeping things rolling!

Gehrin Ortiz – Vice President of Diamond SG

Al- Muharraq Group Ltd Make's Projects Happen Fast!! Turn around and soft proposal within 3 days. we look forward to expanding our business with AMG support.

John Krueger – Element Group – Real power

Thanks for your help and I am sincere in my testimonial; your support in financing our clients has been invaluable and helped our business grow. You are a true professional and it is always a pleasure to work with you.

Frank T. Rondinelli – Director of Sales – Jarama Holding

Al- Muharraq Group Ltd, You've have been a great help through this difficult time in my business. I appreciate all the phone calls and support. I could not have done it without you. Thank You and I'm sure we'll do more business in the future!

Ibrahim Bin Ali – Mohamed Trading LLC

“Fast and reliable service. My loan was approved in 7 days. I can’t believe how quickly my calls were returned. Thank you very much Al- Muharraq Group Ltd for a great loan program. I highly recommend Al- Muharraq Group Ltd.”

-- S. Nguyen Business Owner Manama, Bahrain